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Communicating internationally

Working as one government through our network of Missions, we will build the partnerships of the future and unlock tangible opportunities for shared prosperity and security.

We will expand our engagement with international partners and deliver a tailored, compelling narrative to international audiences. We will show, rather than tell, that the UK is the best place in the world to invest and to start and grow a business, as well as to visit, work and study. 

We will continue to show our support and to stand with the people of Ukraine in their fight against Russian aggression. We will proudly promote the UK’s leading role in helping Ukraine defend itself, making the case for our values of freedom, the rule of law and democracy. Supporting the update to the Integrated Review, we’ll continue to build resilience at home and overseas against interference by our adversaries. 

GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland (GREAT) is the UK government’s flagship marketing and branding platform to promote the best of the UK globally. GREAT provides a high-quality, professionally delivered brand that has been used by 22 government departments and ALBs to build the UK’s reputation in the intensely-competitive markets of international trade, investment, tourism, education and talent. Under the GREAT umbrella, we will deliver international campaigns and events which showcase the full breadth of what the UK has to offer – from our history, culture and values, to our world-class strengths in technology, R&D and innovation.

In 2023/24, the GREAT ‘Global Trade’ campaign will continue to drive inward investment, showcasing the UK as an innovative economy and an attractive destination for high-value investment across sectors, including research and development (R&D). The campaign’s multi-channel strategy will leverage direct in-market engagement with senior business decision makers, thought-leadership pieces, digital advertising and events to attract foreign companies in key target markets. 

We will also support UK businesses to take full advantage of international trade opportunities. GREAT will promote the UK as a leading source of high quality and innovative goods and services among potential overseas buyers, while our ‘Made in the UK, Sold to the World’ campaign will showcase the benefits of selling overseas.

The GREAT tourism campaign, ‘Welcome to Another Side of Britain’, will bolster our tourism industry by attracting international visitors. Working alongside commercial partners, the campaign will engage prospective tourists in key markets, encouraging them to see a different side of Britain and embrace the full range of unexpected, diverse and dynamic experiences on offer.

Measured by:

  • Increase in the number of qualified foreign direct investment (FDI) project leads.
  • Increased consideration of and favourability towards the UK among international target audiences (trade, investment, tourism).
  • Return on investment attributable to GREAT campaigns.
  • Increase in awareness of government export support among UK businesses and intention to start exporting.
  • Sign-ups to the UK Export Academy programme.