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GCS Strategy: Performance with Purpose

The GCS Strategy was published in May 2022, setting out our ambitions for a major functional change programme built around three pillars: collaboration; innovation; and great people. The Strategy listed 30 specific commitments to be delivered by the end of 2025. To date, we have delivered half of these commitments and are on track to deliver all those remaining by the 2025 deadline.

Our focus for the next year includes:

1. Next-level partnerships and collaboration

Government communication works best when we are focussed on the needs of citizens, rather than the internal structures of government. Campaigns like Help for Households, GREAT and Skills for Life bring together multiple departments and other public bodies to make it easier for our audiences to access the full range of support available to them. Over the next year, we will continue to join up our campaigns so that we speak with one voice. We will also work with GOV.UK to expand the channels and platforms by which people can access government information and services, and create more two-way and personalised communications. Finally, we will pilot new ways of working with external partners and influencers to reach a broader range of audiences than government can alone. 

2. World-leaders in new communications technology

Communication is changing fast with technology providing new opportunities to reach citizens. The central challenge for GCS is how to harness these changes for the public good. The effective and ethical use of new tools and data can help us to rapidly create quality content, delivering more relevant, interesting and engaging communications which are responsive to citizens’ needs. Our new GCS Innovation Hub will lead on identifying, testing and scaling the most promising technological innovation, including greater use of AI. Departments are encouraged to invest 10% of their campaign budgets in 2023/24 to support innovative projects from which we can learn. We will also launch the next round of Project Spark, a “Dragon’s Den-style” programme to encourage and support ideas for innovation across GCS. Finally, we will publish a new GCS Innovation & Data Strategy by the end of 2023, which will consider how we use insight, data, applied AI, and speech technology to interact with the public in new ways. 

3. Enhancing skills and performance

People join GCS to make a positive difference to people’s lives and new technology is creating new opportunities for us to do that. GCS is made up of brilliant communication experts with a diverse range of skills and experiences. Our new Enhanced Capability Project will give GCS members the tools to further develop their skills and knowledge by taking advantage of the latest communications practices and techniques. We will equip people for the future and provide a clear pathway for GCS members to achieve their aspirations. The ultimate goal is to help GCS members make even more of a difference to people’s lives while enhancing the standing of UK government communicators and ensuring our skills and talents are world-leading, recognised and valued.