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Public sector recruitment

We will encourage people to start and continue their careers in the public sector through insight-driven and inspirational campaigns that showcase how these roles make a difference to people’s lives – from nurses and adult social care workers, to school and further education teachers.

The ‘Get into Teaching’ marketing campaign has a core brand purpose of ‘shaping lives’ and a brand promise of ‘a profession that’s life changing and full of life’. The campaign’s strong brand identity is used across the teacher recruitment lifecycle, supporting Initial Teacher Training recruitment and also raising the status and improve perceptions of the profession.

Our campaigns will help to recruit thousands of staff across the prison and probation services, using a localised, targeted approach to build consideration and drive applications. We’ll also encourage people across the country to become magistrates and play an important role in our family and criminal courts. 

We will continue to attract talented and ambitious people to join our armed forces, captivating their interest by showcasing the specialisms, training and opportunities available as part of a life in the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. And we will support local police forces to maintain the 20,000 uplift in police officers.

The Royal Navy recruitment campaign has established a memorable brand that keeps the Royal Navy top of mind as a career choice; 61% of the target audience are aware of the ‘Made In The Royal Navy’ slogan.

Measured by:

  • Increase in consideration of public sector careers among relevant target audiences.
  • Increase in expressions of interest, applications and recruits.