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Public sector recruitment

Public sector recruitment

Overarching communication objective: Drive sufficient volumes of high-quality applications for roles across the wider public sector.

Campaign key performance indicators (KPIs):
• Drive sufficient applications for reserves and regular roles across the Armed Forces.
• Drive expressions of interest in adult social care jobs.
• Drive awareness and consideration of, as well as applications to, the HM Prison and Probation Service and voluntary magistrate roles. 
• Increase consideration of, and applications to, school and Further Education (FE) teaching.
• Increase positive perceptions and consideration of early years childcare careers.
• Drive consideration of working for the NHS, with a focus on increasing applications to NHS entry roles and UCAS degrees for nursing and allied health professionals.

The UK needs talented and ambitious people at the forefront of our public services – from the NHS and adult social care, to the armed forces and the prison and probation service. Communication is a crucial lever for achieving public sector recruitment targets and enabling the effective delivery of our public services. 

Our recruitment campaigns will continue to inspire and encourage people to choose the public sector as a destination to start or grow their careers. DfE’s recruitment campaigns will motivate applicants by highlighting the unique benefits and rewards of a career in teaching, while DHSC’s ‘Made with Care’ campaign will hero the voices of real life adult social care workers – who, insight shows, are the most compelling and motivating messengers for applicants. MOD’s high-impact, multi-channel marketing campaigns showcase the career opportunities available in each branch of the Armed Forces. 

Public sector recruitment campaigns also have a secondary benefit for staff retention. By improving general perceptions of these careers and their importance in society, our communications help ensure public sector workers feel valued and recognised for their hard work.

Applied innovation
As part of GCS’ wider focus on innovation, new technology is being harnessed by several major recruitment campaigns, with the potential for these to be scaled and rolled out more widely. The Ministry of Justice is trialling the use of immersive technology to show potential applicants the realities of working in the prison service and combat misconceptions. The Royal Navy’s new AI-driven virtual recruiter provides potential recruits with personalised conversations and helps to reduce recruitment call centre inquiries – saving applicants’ time and reducing administrative costs. 

As well as filling public sector roles, our campaigns will also support wider recruitment needs, including in the early years and education sectors. As the demand for childcare continues to grow, DfE’s new ‘Do Something Big’ campaign will help to ensure the workforce keeps pace. The campaign addresses low awareness and consideration of the early years sector among potential applicants by showcasing the rewarding, varied and exciting nature of working with children.