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Public services

We will provide essential information to the public, businesses and communities across the UK, helping them to make informed choices and to understand how to access and make the most of public services.

We will promote the wide range of digital and online services available across government – from claiming Tax Credits to renewing a driving licence – in order to help people complete their transactions easily and quickly online.

Through targeted communications, we will help individuals and businesses to understand and comply with their tax responsibilities – from nudging audiences ahead of the 31 January deadline for filing their Self Assessment tax return, to helping people to identify the signs of tax avoidance and to report it, or get help leaving a scheme. We will also increase awareness of the consequences of vehicle tax evasion, encouraging drivers to tax their vehicle and promoting the option to pay with direct debit over 12 monthly instalments. 

We will promote new environmental land management schemes and grants, encouraging farmers and land managers to prepare for and enrol into the schemes, which will support farm productivity, while also enhancing our natural environment.

We will deliver essential and life-saving messaging to keep people safe. The ‘THINK!’ campaign uses positive social norming to discourage behaviours that contribute to the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads. Campaign messages and channels will be driven by the latest data and audience insight, with an innovative creative and media strategy to ensure cut-through and engagement. The ‘Flood Action’ campaign will target communities in flood-risk areas, helping them to prepare for and understand the actions to take if flooding should occur.

The Civil Service is made up of 450,000 people working in a huge variety of roles, but all united in our mission to deliver outstanding public services. Internal communications play a crucial role in supporting this important work by ensuring colleagues across departments and ALBs have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver their work and to fulfil the ambition of a skilled, innovative and ambitious Civil Service equipped for the future.

Measured by:

  • Increased usage of digital and online government services.
  • Increase in percentage of tax returns filed on time and online.
  • Increased uptake of direct debit as a payment method for vehicle tax.
  • Positive shifts in attitudes and claimed behaviours in relation to priority road safety issues (such as drink, speeding and mobile phone use), and awareness of new road safety legislation.
  • Increase in the number of people in flood-risk areas who report knowing at least one action to take in a flood.