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Supporting families

Through a cross-government approach to communications, we will connect parents, families and households with the support they need.

The ‘Help for Households’ campaign will continue to help vulnerable families and individuals access the wide range of government support available to help them with the cost of living, including information on the recently announced expansion in childcare offers. Our dedicated campaign website brings together over 40 schemes from 8 departments and has already received over 14m visits. Over half (56%) of the UK population recognise the Help for Household brand, and awareness of cost of living support schemes has exceeded the campaign’s 85% awareness target – demonstrating the impact that communications can achieve by working together and speaking to the public with one voice.

In the year ahead, the campaign will continue to ensure people are aware of and understand the support they are eligible for – from help with childcare costs, to cost of living support payments and Pension Credit. In order to reach audiences across all four corners of the UK, we’ll leverage an effective mix of broadcast and targeted advertising, while also maximising opportunities for low and no cost communications via partnerships, owned and earned channels. 

The National Living and Minimum Wage campaign will make sure businesses and employees are aware of the increases coming into effect on 1 April 2023. And we’ll help eligible workers get the pay rises they are entitled to by encouraging them to check their payslips and to take action if they are underpaid. We’ll also promote the free, impartial guidance offered through the MoneyHelper service, helping everyone to manage their money better.

We will drive behaviour change among both consumers and businesses, persuading them to adopt energy efficient behaviours. We’ll provide quick and easy tips that everyone can use to help to cut their energy bills in the short term, as well as encouraging businesses and households that can afford it to consider investments which will reduce their energy usage in the longer-term.

The Energy Reduction campaign has successfully garnered support from consumer groups, energy suppliers and business leaders, in order to increase its reach among target audiences. Partnerships with private sector companies have also led to in-kind advertising opportunities, including through Uber’s app and Sky’s website, as well as BT digital posters.

We will also support those living in social housing, empowering tenants to complain to their landlord, and then to the Housing Ombudsman if issues are not resolved. Targeted marketing, partnerships and local engagement activity will seek to reach tenants, while wider media and stakeholder work will remind landlords of their obligations.

Measured by:

  • Increased awareness of the government’s cost of living support.
  • Increase in take-up of government support schemes among those who are eligible.
  • Awareness of the National Living and Minimum Wage rates among employers and eligible workers.
  • Intention to and actual take-up of energy efficient behaviours.