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Economy and skills

Economy and skills

Overarching communication objective: Build confidence in the UK economy by supporting new, growing and established businesses and giving employers access to the skilled workforce they need.

Campaign key performance indicators (KPIs):
• Increase awareness, understanding and take-up of the Government’s business support services and programmes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
• Increase in young people, adults and employers exploring technical education qualifications and skills offers. 
• Generate qualified foreign direct investment leads.
• Increase consideration of the UK among trade, investment, tourism, talent and education audiences.

We will continue to support the Prime Minister’s economic priorities – to halve inflation, grow the economy and reduce debt. Good progress has already been made across these areas and we will use powerful proof points that challenge misconceptions and highlight the economic opportunities that exist in the UK. From our booming AI and tech sectors to our award-winning creative industries, we will showcase the UK’s economic strengths to businesses at home and across the globe. 

Representing 99% of UK businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are crucial to the UK’s economic strength. We will work in partnership with businesses to understand their needs, including creating a Small Business Council, and the recently launched ‘Help to Grow’ campaign will raise awareness and drive take-up of the Government support available to help SMEs to succeed. The campaign website creates a single destination for new, growing and established businesses to access key advice and support – from set-up and financing, to management courses, mentorships and export opportunities.

Investing in growth for every region
Network North is the Government’s £36 billion plan to improve everyday local journeys for people – unlocking potential, driving growth and transforming communities. The Department for Transport (DfT) will continue to promote Network North, ensuring communities are aware of local transport projects and the benefits being unlocked in their area. 

Our multi award-winning international GREAT campaign enhances the UK’s reputation around the world and drives UK-wide economic growth. GREAT is used in 164 countries worldwide and consistently delivers returns on investment of over 15:1. GREAT draws together the efforts of government departments, public bodies, businesses and high-profile individuals from the private and creative sectors to showcase the very best our nation has to offer. High-impact, influence and consideration driving marketing in key global regions supports targeted behaviour change campaigns in the highly competitive markets of international tourism, trade, investment, education and talent. In 2024/25, GREAT will continue to unite the UK’s global profile under one strong, consistent visual identity. GREAT will focus in particular on improving perceptions of the UK amongst US, European and Gulf Cooperation Council audiences, inviting prospective tourists, students and businesses to join the UK and ‘See Things Differently’.

We will also support the Government’s commitment to becoming a science and technology (S&T) superpower by ensuring the UK continues to attract, grow and retain the right level of investment and talent. A new campaign by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) will focus on driving domestic investment in UK S&T and encouraging S&T businesses and entrepreneurs to innovate and scale their businesses here in the UK. The campaign will build confidence in the UK’s S&T ecosystem by showcasing its strengths and investment opportunities. 

A skilled workforce is the foundation for a strong economy and it’s crucial that employers have access to the right skills for current and future business needs. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will engage those who are currently economically inactive, supporting them to get back into the workplace. The ‘Jobhelp’ campaign motivates audiences by showcasing the wide range of support available, the value of their transferable skills and opportunities to upskill.

The ‘It All Starts with Skills’ campaign, led by the Department for Education (DfE), will also inspire adults, employers and young people (and their parents) to explore – and benefit from – technical education qualifications and skills offers. This replaces three previous skills campaigns, in line with the ambition for fewer, bigger, better campaigns that simplify government policy for audiences. Whether they’re growing a business, switching careers or just starting out, the campaign aims to motivate people to explore their options through the new Skills for Careers website, make informed choices, and gain the skills and qualifications they need to progress – ultimately, giving businesses the skilled workforce they need for the economy to thrive.