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Performance with purpose

GCS Strategy commitments

Our 2022-25 strategy, ‘Performance with Purpose’, sets a vision for a more collaborative, innovative and highly-skilled profession, ready to respond to new and emerging opportunities and challenges in the media and technological landscape. The strategy was built around three pillars: Collaboration; Innovation and Improvement; and Great People. It also made over 30 specific commitments for how we would deliver our vision by the end of 2025. 

To date, we have completed over 75% of these and we are on track to deliver the remaining commitments. This includes finalising the roll-out of our GCS Advance learning and development programme.

So far, we have…

☑ Re-established the GCS Governance Board and established a new GCS External Advisory Board.

☑ Developed one systematic process for monitoring and reporting on campaign performance.

☑ Published a new operating model for Government crisis communications and engaged a surge team of over 100 trained volunteers.

☑ Introduced an annual data collection across the GCS community to help senior leaders better understand and support our membership.

☑ Updated the GCS Evaluation Cycle, equipping communicators with industry-leading methodologies to effectively measure communication activity.

☑ Reviewed and refreshed propriety guidance, and introduced mandatory training in ministerial departments.

☑ Established a virtual GCS Innovation Hub to identify the best ideas from the external market and use them to improve government communications. 

☑ Published new guidelines to help government communication teams work with influencers.

☑ Reformed and simplified the advertising, marketing and communications spend control, including introducing multi-year approvals.

☑ Updated the Modern Communications Operating Model and set new best-practice guidance for GCS digital communications.

☑ Developed a new GCS induction approach to support our members on their career pathway from day one.

☑ Introduced a bi-annual SCS event to support leadership development and provide networking opportunities.

☑ Launched our members-only online portal, GCS Connect.

☑ Published our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.

☑ Launched the GCS Locations Strategy to better attract and develop talent from across the UK.

The following pages explore each of the Strategy’s pillars in more detail, reflecting on the progress we have made to date, as well as the steps we will take over the next 12 months.